Friday, May 29, 2009

What is a netbook?

A product that we see more and more lately, and the use of which in 2009 will probably exponentially, a netbook. A netbook or mini laptop is also mentioned. In this article we will go in what is a netbook, the specifications and you should look at buying a netbook.

What is a netbook?
As we in the introduction to this article already written, a netbook is a mini laptop. A netbook is designed to be easily moved. Not only is it lighter than a normal laptop, it is also smaller than a regular laptop. Moreover, a netbook price technically also a lot cheaper. Where a laptop in many cases very powerful hardware, this is in a netbook is not required. It is in a netbook is not for the strong performance, but to take it easy so that also worked on it.

What is a netbook for use?
A netbook is mainly used to work when you are not home or office is. Activities covered are e-mail, word processing, spreadsheet preparation and internet. An important function of a netbook is the ability to connect to the Internet (Wifi / LAN). For major applications a netbook is clearly not suitable. There are few opportunities for additional software.

Differences from an ordinary laptop
We will now focus on different parts of the netbook, which are substantially different from an ordinary laptop

* The display. A normal laptop is usually a screen of 15 "to 19" inches. The display in a netbook is usually between 7 and 12 "inch.
* The weight. Where a regular laptop is a few pounds, the weight of a netbook always around 1 kilo. Easy to take so.
* Shockproof hard drive. A netbook is a different type of hard drive used, one more shock resistant than a normal hard drive.
* Alternating system. Ordinary laptops have mostly standard Windows installed, but netbooks, there is a greater variation in operating systems. Thus there is relatively more Linux installed.
* No CD / DVD player. There is no entry for CD-ROMs, CD's or DVD's in a netbook. Therefore, it is so often difficult to install additional software.

Where should you look to purchase?
Probably the main point where you should look at buying a netbook is the battery life. As a netbook / mini laptop designed to take on and to make them work, it is important that the battery will last long. Because of relatively cheap hardware used in a netbook, and this also applies to batteries, there are many models on the market whose battery that is only 2 hours. It is important to advance this view, for you will regret.

Besides the battery life you can just look at the operating system of the netbook that you may want to buy. Few people have experience with Linux, and if you think this effort to go, you should opt for an alternative with another operating system.

Stolen laptop tracking software

It is now so often in the news: laptops are stolen, with information that really should remain secret. Now obviously not everyone judge or lawyer, but on most laptops, however, available only for personal use. New software can now ensure that the stolen laptop is found and that everything on the mobile computer can be erased.

Stolen laptop: 40,000 euros damages
Research has shown that it is not the laptop itself, but the information that the device is valuable. Sometimes there is a value of 40,000 euros with a stolen laptop. That is it in business, research, but also the fact that people still work for some time is whether they can not because they needed more information possession. But also, for example, students have a huge strop when they lost their laptop. All their research, notes or study material is often on the computer.

Anti-theft software
To make sure that a laptop stays where he is, namely the owner, there is much anti-theft software. The program retrieves data behind the thief, the police and if he or she will hopefully start in the collar. In addition, all important data and files from the stolen laptop to a secure remote server sent once the thief goes online. The software also involves the conduct of the thief on the Internet map and is a lot of to and even who the person in question. Also gives evidence on the location of the laptop thief.

Obviously, there are packages in all shapes and sizes and in different price ranges. The basic software costs about 40 euros. With more expensive packages that work with special cards also have a GPS transmitter. This is the exact place where the thief passed is. Moreover, in many more expensive laptops have a direct anti-theft software installed. Intel has it built in the chips. Intel also supports the programs of Absolute Software. They are the main suppliers of anti-theft software. Only the system only if the owner of the laptop also subscribes to LoJacks for Laptops.

Location where the laptop is
With a subscription LoJacks quickly find the location where the stolen laptop is located. It is noteworthy that the machine can be completed remotely. Thus, the thief can not access the files from the owner. Moreover, there is a detection range used by the company. There is then contacted with the local police that the contract gives the offender to detect using the data provided. In this way, in 75 percent of cases, the laptop found in Europe promises the company. Who in a country outside the EU is having less chance to recover the device. The systems work less well than in Europe and the cooperation of police and justice would be much less good. However, even the distance rendered. This means that if the offender is something on the laptop would like to do it in vain. Everything is by the system is always cleared.

Lenovo, Dell and Fujitsu
Lenovo, Dell and Fujitsu support the anti-theft programs Intel and Absolute now al Blocking remote even if the laptop is started up in his system or if the laptop is off, but the plug into the wall outlet. Is the laptop powered by the battery, then at least connect to the internet.

Free Adeona is the system that works on all operating systems. This software also sends internet data after the theft as the IP address and can read files from the laptop to send a different location. This system has no capacity for further investigation and the technical service as obsolete.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Microsoft launches its new Search Engine

Microsoft is looking for a direct confrontation with Google in search business. With the upcoming launch of Kumo (possibly under the name Bing) wants Microsoft's market share in the billion dollar new business search it up.

Microsoft wants in the coming week, his already much discussed new search engine Kumo start. Kumo (or Bing) is so far the search service Live Search to replace.

After the months before the first screen shots were leaked by Kumo, had already started a discussion about the new features in the Microsoft engine. Significant change is an addition with a semantic analysis and a special edition column. The technology that Microsoft had with the acquisition of Powerset procured in July 2008.

A look at the first screenshots of Kumo shows that it is a three-edition form. In the middle are the search results and on the right edge of the text ads - so it looks up here so just like in Google.

Interestingly, however, could be the left column. The lower part of which contains links to previous queries, so you quickly to the previous results can rely.

But most importantly, the upper part of this column to be. Here are several categories listed, the search for match, for example, songs and biography of a singer, or test reports and special offers with a product queries as well as accessories, videos and photos in the search for a car.

That is, Kumo, the semantics of a chain of search and recognize dependent on the left column generated. It should be exciting, as the search engine with ambiguous terms bypasses, for example, "Hamburg".

Whether these improvements are sufficient remains to be seen, because with the recent improvements in Yahoo and Google are the experts always less difference between the three search operators. "This is a serious course for Microsoft," says Rob Enderle of the Enderle Group. He believes the project is also very controversial internally. He reports: "Microsoft has a lot of money and time invested in this project, and there are many on the board that this money for the projects and products have, in which Microsoft is a leader."

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Analysis Tool for Web 2.0

For businesses, it is increasingly important, as they and their products in forums and blogs are perceived. But the data in the Web 2.0 is difficult. Analysis specialist WebTrends now offers a dedicated solution to the web simultaneously with the classical instrument.

Together with Radian6, a provider of Social Media Monitoring, WebTrends provides the framework of the Open Exchange program is a solution on their own site on the collected information with a deeper insight into current discussions about brands and trends in Social Media can link the field. Using this data, companies can its customers throughout the online environment to understand better and learn to gain insight about the issues that move. WebTrends Social Measurement, powered by Radian6 is for WebTrends customers from now on as a common solution available.

Radian6 has a comprehensive monitoring and analysis solution for the Social Media sector, with businesses throughout the Social Web with their customers can communicate and interact. About WebTrends Open Exchange platform may be information that is on their own website have been collected, effective on the events in the Social Web in relation to be: website analysis, advertising and direct marketing campaigns results are thus no longer the sole basis of the data collection, but are supplemented information from Web 2.0-channels such as blogs, forums, wiki, or Twitter.

It includes WebTrends Social Measurement, inter alia, the As-It-Happens Alerts Radian6 of workflow management and various functions. This company win a better overview of the online conversations in relation to their brand, and hence it.

"The monitoring of its website and in parallel to understand the issues and trends in the Web to play, has always been difficult. But by working with Radian6 we create a large workload, "says Karl-Heinz Maier, Director Central Europe at WebTrends.

Programming interface for data collection

Also on WebTrends Open Exchange offers its customers at no additional cost access to the Application Programming Interface (API): Allows Marketers every tool, every system and each technology in order to analyze their data access. This expanded access to analysis and reporting functions enable companies analyze their data into knowledge and thus into meaningful business actions. In addition, WebTrends enables the seamless integration of digital and offline data and thus provides a better understanding of the needs of prospects and customers.

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