Monday, January 19, 2009

Wikipedia is preparing to "Encyclopedia 2.0"

After the recent enlargement of the upload limit from 20 to 100 megabytes, the online encyclopedia Wikipedia and its primary storage area significantly.

The popular Internet encyclopedia Wikipedia is preparing for a huge data explosion.

"HD video and the new high-megapixel cameras mean that even short films or small images to large data files," says Brion Vibber, chief technologist of the Wikipedia Foundation.

Until early 2008, handed to the lexicon is a primary storage volume of a total of two terabytes. But the middle of last year, the capacity expands to 24 terabytes, and it was just again doubled to 48 terabytes.

"Currently there are about five terabytes of evidence, but the volume is increasing rapidly, as more and more videos and photos will be added," said Vibber.

How would the user copyright-free classical music upload the seasons of more than half an hour. Even copyright-free documentaries would strengthen uploaded so many users even with the limit of 100 megabytes problems.

Wikipedia long term wants the opportunity to establish full HD movies upload, but the faces are still in data management problems. "The rapid physical move these files is still considerable headache for us," explained the current Vibber storage problems.

Wikipedias centralized infrastructure based on Sun Fire x4500 servers and x4150 as well as on Sun's StorageTek arrays, which the company has donated to Wikipedia. As the database is open source MySQL Suns used. This serves the system takes about ten billion page views per month.

The Wikipedia computing, where all content is hosted, is located in Tampa, in the U.S. state of Florida. In addition to this center, there is caching Centers in Amsterdam and Seoul.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Game developers get digital assets under control

Third-generation consoles to the files and graphics stock in the game development on the six-to eight-fold increase. Only if the digital assets efficiently and transparently managed, remains the development and control the games will be in the required quality finished.

The performance of the new consoles gives developers a whole new way and lets the volume of digital assets such as source code, 2D and 3D models and video and tone sequences grow by leaps and bounds. This trend also has a downside: The risk of error increases and the coordination of work of the various teams of developers will be more complex. This aggravates the errors inherent vulnerability of the games development. Sprites or letters in solid objects wander around, join in the development process in greater numbers and more frequently. As a result, studios need to develop more and more time to spend quality.

CZ-emphasis as e-Paper

The complete focus on software development for registered users from Friday 16th January as a free e-paper.

The higher time but stands in contradiction to the growing pressure from the developers to produce more and more games in ever shorter time required. As a service provider in a long and complex supply chain of the entertainment industry, the development studios that pressure only stand if the efficiency of their processes and their management continue to improve. It is therefore no wonder that this industry with the highest penetration of systems for software configuration management.

But while it until not long enough, some tool for managing the game to have assets, then properties of the tools - scalability, performance, integration capability and support for various user groups of developers to project managers - more and more into the foreground.

Timo Ullmann, managing director of Yager Development, Berlin: "The development of a video game for two or three games platforms at the same time is in itself significant. The technical capabilities of the current consoles, however, have the consequence that the data for a single game over previous productions slightly to the six-to eight-fold increase. This version brings a lot of management tools to their limits."

ElcomSoft: Russian software package provides power for wireless hackers

The Russian software company ElcomSoft now has a package on the market, with the majority of Wi-Fi passwords in the shortest time to crack. According to official figures, it is the system administrators to assist, but the software is more an ideal tool for professional wireless hackers.

ElcomSoft new 1.0 software package Committee had the data at TJX thieves like you want, when they are five years ago on a geknacktes wireless password access to the cash registers of a supermarket gave to then the largest theft of credit cards made. EESC 1.0, according to manufacturer's specifications "a particularly powerful tool to find out of Wi-Fi passwords after WPA/WPA2 PSK encryption.

And it goes further in the text: "Instead of pure brute-force attacks uses highly sophisticated EESC dictionary attacks. Using a specially refined GPU support, the passwords much faster track than if only the CPU is used. "

The usage of graphics chips for normal computing tasks so far comes only in the context of professional software such as the exploration of oil resources are used - in the consumer sector is still very rare. Committee is currently the ATI HD series, the Nvidia chip the Geforce series 8, 9 and 200 and Nvidias professional Quadro solutions automatically recognize and take advantage of. This can crack a password, according ElcomSoft several hundred times faster equip go than in an exclusive CPU utilization.

For the cracking of the passwords, the software is very complex by dictionary attacks, in which the variations and combinations (called mutations) can be adjusted flexibly.

The software runs on all current Windows systems and costs during the introductory period until 1 March 600, then the price should double.

ElcomSoft is in its advertising for this software to the system administrators who are thus able to determine how easy it into their WLAN can penetrate. But that's just as if a provider of tools for cracking safes says that only the head of the bank branch to be procured, in order to be safe in your own basement to test ...

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Comfortable remote access to Windows, Citrix, Linux, Unix and Mac OS X

Visionapp, the specialist for the management of Citrix server farms, brings the beginning of February to the multi-protocol support and new database features enhanced version in 2009 remote tools Visionapp Remote Desktop (VRD) on the market. Rata Penuh
Also features of last autumn over open-source competitor Mremote Eschborner developers have already integrated the new version. Visionapps tool for remote access to computer systems has been the use RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) and therefore dependent on Windows-based computer. The new 2009 version, however, now supports the connection protocols Citrix ICA, VNC, SSH, Telnet, and HTTP/S.

Thus is the perfect tool - the manufacturer already 10.000 administrators in the full version and 120,000 users in the freeware version use - even for the remote management of Citrix, Linux, Unix and Macintosh systems. The working with VRD necessary components (RDP, ICA, VNC, SSH, Telnet) with the new version will automatically abgeprüft.

More information:

Visionapp expanded to Citrix Management Client Management

The winding road to Desktopia

Visionapp Freeware builds to full remote control solution

IT moves very cautiously closer to Business

Self-Help Portal solution with integrated remote

In the mode of database administrators can VRD simultaneously with the same objects, supported by a detailed authorization concept.

Included is the logging of accesses to VRD 2009, made the changes and errors. In addition, the tool now dominates the so-called "smart sizing": The entire desktop of the computer without the scroll bars, even if the window is enlarged or reduced. A session can be interrupted by clicking restore.

A detailed overview function, including a comparison with the previous versions 1.5 and VRD VRD 2008 will be held here.

Visionapp offers VRD for users in medium and large companies as a full, for smaller environments and home users as freeware. The tool can be used without registration of the visionapp Web site and downloaded for 30 days tested. Unlike the full version are in the freeware version a maximum of three simultaneous open connections, and a maximum of 15 possible connection configurations exportable. Also, the database function for cooperation in the team missing in the freeware.

The prices for the VRD-Individual licenses start at 63 euros per administrator. The company previously offered license, there is now a country license from Euro 1490, or as a global license from Euro 2390.

Deloitte sued the U.S. Department of IBM contract

According to the consulting firm Deloitte Consulting would have the U.S. Department of Urban Development (HUD), a 193-million-dollar contract to modernize IT not be awarded to IBM.

Deloitte Consulting accused in his application the HUD that the tender for the modernization of the financial system is not correct, and that Deloitte did not provide the necessary information for a detailed offer received.

At the request of the Ministry about 193 million U.S. dollars is a fundamental modernization of financial management, the date on the relevant module of Peoplesoft up. The tender for this so-called IFMI project began in 2006, and IBM was awarded the contract for the modernization of last December.

Further details and documents about this case, the court initially classified as confidential.

The HUD is in the U.S. because of continuous mismanagement and considerable waste of money known. Routinely criticizes the U.S. Court of the award-and-control practice of this Ministry.

How many computer do I need really?

What needs to be for notebook computers or pay?

• Who usually only letters and e-mails writes, surfs the Internet, has about 500 euros. For compute-intensive tasks (image and video editing, games) are not suitable.

• For 800 to 900 euros, there's more computing power, more storage space, usually wireless network (WLAN) and a TV card. Many games work without trouble.

• For a high-performance computers to play graphically sophisticated games you have more than 1000 euros.

Can a laptop to a desk PC replacement?

Yes, with these restrictions:

• Speed

Processors (responsible for all the calculations of the computer) in cheap notebooks are generally slower than those in desktop computers. Who, for example, video editing programs to use them, you need a notebook with dual-core "processor (from 700 euros).

• fun

Discounted notebooks usually have no powerful GPU. Not suitable for graphically sophisticated games!

• Space

On disks in desktop computers match up to 1000 gigabytes of data - in notebooks usually a limit of 320 gigabytes.

• Operation

The buttons are mostly small notebook and shallower than the standard PC keyboard. The trackpad as a mouse replacement is getting used to. For longer work extra mouse and keyboard (both from 5 euros).

Cinema with a wide-screen notebook

The MSI EX620 has a 16-inch screen in 16:9 cinema format a hard drive with 20 gigabytes of memory and three gigabytes. But worth the purchase of multimedia notebooks for the introductory price 799 euro?


The notebook is thanks to the Intel processor "Core 2 Duo P7350 (two computing cores, two gigahertz clock frequency) and three gigabytes of RAM when working with Office programs as well as in the image and video editing quite fast. The use of DirectX 10 graphics card "Radeon 3470" ATI has its own 256 megabytes of memory. For many PC games, it is fast enough for demanding action games last the pace but not enough.

Data Storage

The drive for notebooks is quite large: Some 230 gigabytes of usable memory (gross 250 Gigabyte) is available. The writer describes all CD and DVD types. Blu-ray discs, the "Super Multi" DVD drive, however, does not describe yet read.


The glossy screen has a diagonal of 16 inches (40.7-centimeters-diagonal, 1.366x768 pixels) in the cinema 16:9 widescreen format. Movies on DVD, the screen shows therefore almost without distracting black bars. The glossy surface leads to unwanted light reflections, but it offers brilliant colors and a fairly high contrast.

Volume and battery

In normal use, the EX620 quietly, but still clearly perceptible. For compute-intensive tasks in the noisy fans something stronger.

Thus the mobile cinema does not grind to a halt on out, there are different performance and energy profiles for up to 20 percent more battery power is available. These cause the elimination of under-utilized or Heruntertakten components of the processor. They will be activated on the "Eco-touch key above the keyboard.


MSI granted two-year warranty on multimedia notebook. In the case of a defect in the device at the customer's premises and after the repair again returned.

Operation and Equipment

Contact with the outside world is via the MSI WLAN (802.11b/g/n), cable network and also via 56K modem. In addition, three USB ports, a FireWire jack, an Express Card slot, one eSATA connector, a memory card reader for SD, MMC, MS, XD cards, a VGA and an HDMI connection and monitor Audio jacks are available. For video telephony and instant messaging are a 2-megapixel Webcam and a microphone above the screen in the housing.

Due to two built-in 2-watt speakers and subwoofer (2.1-system) was the sound better than other notebooks - true surround sound, there is still no. The software package includes Windows Vista Home Premium including Microsoft Works 9, the burning software Ulead Burn Now, CyberLink DVD Solution, CrazyTalk and 60-day trial versions of Microsoft Office 2007 and Norton Internet Security.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Pure test Islands are not enough

Specialized test tools for software development can be found in many larger companies, the IT systems to produce or adapt. We use them rarely. Mostly missing supportive procedures for an integrated application lifecycle management.

According to a study by European firms PAC appreciate the benefits of software testing tools high. 55 percent of respondents described their investment in these tools as "very high" or "high". The same study, however, promotes days, that in practice only a minority of 23 percent solutions, is based on the testing tailored. It built itself dominate tools or applications such as Excel.

The stumbling block with a high degree of automation of software testing prevents lies mostly in incomplete development and test processes. Test tools quickly reach their limits when they operate as standalone solutions and their integration especially with the early stages of the IT lifecycle unsatisfactory. Quality is still often referred to as downstream and taken separately task. A true test automation can only be used in an integrated development and testing process will succeed.

Companies working in this direction to begin creating a new division of labor: The Departments do not have to test procedures and tools to address, as designated specialists to test these issues of infrastructure and processes to worry about. Conversely, this means that the specialists of the departments, the test cases to be assessed according to predefined standards and documented. So once they get not only the implementation of necessary systems, but also a reliable test documentation to prove whether and how far the software business requirements.

This means that it is not enough just to test tools and documentation to implement. Even their successful integration with the requirements management solutions is not sufficient. Rather it is, the processes and tools so that the test management functions in order to make the complex division of work between departments, developers and testers to control.

Condition is a solution that would test tools into a single suite together so that the business needs to roll out and maintain a uniform and werkzeugbasierter process. A single tool for the entire testing process does not exist. This application lifecycle management, given the many actors and solutions remain manageable and transparent, is also worth a dashboard, the results of all relevant target groups prepared.

Seagate hire the ex-chief Stephen Luczo back on the CEO's chair

In a surprise announcement set the previous Seagate CEO William Watkins and COO David Wickersham from. At the same time, the plan was confirmed, ten per cent of posts in the company to be deleted.

Even in the IT industry finely made, whether the crisis in the respective company or had already arrived yet. With the new restructuring measures at the Hard-leader would be history, because if the disk manufacturers are suffering, it feels the whole IT industry.

A decline in sales had already indicated last year, as Seagate and competitor Western Digital significant price drops in the stock markets suffered. Western Digital schnitt but in comparison, and is better for the share price and market capitalization is now before Seagate.

The staff at the head of detachment were also surprising inasmuch as the present ex-CEO Watkins, as the Wall Street Journal reported, yet last week at the American computer trade show CES (Consumer Electronics Show) represented his company. A company spokesman said succinctly, that the Supervisory Board (Board) "took the view, Steve Luczo, at this stage is the right man for the company forward." Luczo will remain chairman of the board, suggesting that it is the CEO post on a temporary basis could take over.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Presented! This is the Google Phone

Only three weeks ago presented Google with "Google Chrome" a browser. Now swirls of IT giant also on the mobile phone market. In New York was now the Google Mobile "T-Mobile G1" (former nickname "Dream") were presented. Produced by Taiwanese manufacturer HTC. The Google Phone is similar to the success of mobile iPhone: Both are the same size, and cost about the same.

What the new Google phone can do?

- The design is modern and elegant, with a large display
- Additional controls on the touchscreen: Jog Stick (a rotating button), ventral keyboard
- 3.1-megapixel camera for photos and videos
- WLAN provides access to the Internet
- With Bluetooth, data, e.g. transferred to the PC
- With GPS tracking device determines its own location
- Dream is running with the Google operating system "Android

In October, the Google Phone to the U.S. market. Cost: 199 U.S. dollars. In Germany, the Google phone with a T-Mobile contract is offered. When, unfortunately, is still unclear!

Microsoft's next version of Exchange on client capability test

Microsoft has begun, the next version of Exchange e-mail and calendar software for free. The product is the data from Redmond that from the ground up as a hosted service has been developed, and therefore the software also must be tested differently, such as their clients.

The provider has already started two years ago with conventional tests of the new version, code-named E14. Man, but quickly realized that a traditional beta phase for the hosted service was unfit and was looking for universities and schools who were willing, E14 as part of the Exchange Labs to be tested.

Now the software giant announced that, more than 3.5 million people, including students, university staff and students, with tests on more than 1,500 training centers have begun. Among the features of the new software includes an improved Web client and Outlook Live. Unlike the current Outlook Web Access E14 supports the management of distribution groups, setting up of rules and views of other e-mail accounts. These are all features that are typically the desktop version of Outlook is needed.

Microsoft would not comment on when a public beta or final version of E14 is to be expected. The company also wants a video about the test experience online.

The transition to the SaaS model is an important step for the group. Although the Redmondern in recent years, the long-term competitor Lotus Notes market share has declined steadily, the competition from Web-based alternatives such as Google increasingly harder. Some Microsoft partners are now waiting for the new version and does not offer the current version of Exchange 2007 as a hosted service. Even Microsoft itself started at the end of last year, the supply of Exchange Online.

IBM broke with its own patents 4186 record

IBM was the first company in a year more than 4,000 U.S. patents assigned to receive. According to IFI Patent Intelligence, the IT and consulting company last year received 4186 patents granted. Big Blue has been 16 years of patent champion.

IBM 2008, almost three times as many patents as successfully filed more than HP and Microsoft, HP, Oracle, Apple, EMC, Accenture and Google together. In parallel, IBM released last year over 1500 technical innovations without patent protection and announce now that the figure in the coming year to double. The company wants to promote innovation, to build a new, smart infrastructure. For IBM, this balance of open innovation and the protection of intellectual property is an essential element of their strategy.

IBM's research department has also announced to take part in a project to improve the quality of patents to participate. IT-based methods of analysis and statistics, will help to evaluate patents. On this basis could be a so-called Patent Quality Index will be created: It allows candidates, patent officials and the public objectively evaluate patents. From the project hope that the parties, which in recent years has greatly increased the number of poor quality patent applications and patents costs.

Paris Hilton's website hacked: Eddy to Web worm and Trojan

The last few days kursierende worm has loudly Downadup Security vendor F-Secure seems to be a huge amount of computers, especially in corporate networks, infect. Cyber criminals could be a way to build a huge botnet, warn the virus hunters. Caused a furore also a Trojan attack the website of the hotel heiress Paris Hilton

According to conservative estimates by Toni Koivunen from F-Secure Response Team has Downadup - also called Conficker - about 2.4 million computers worldwide infected. In Germany, more than 4300 enterprises. Downadup uses various ways to spread, such as the recently fixed vulnerability in the Windows Server Service. In addition, the worm tries network passwords to gain or infected USB sticks. If the malicious software first gives access to the network, it is very difficult to completely remove.

After the attack, the worm then attempts to connect to various addresses manufacture. Once an active Web server on one of these domains will take place, he leads a special application from the cyber criminals access to all infected computers allowed. F-Secure has now turned the tables turned: The security expert has also a number of possible domains registered - so that the infected computer with the virus laboratory of F-Secure connect. So the virus researchers a deeper insight into the size and nature of the bot network. For more information about and a list of the most severely affected countries can be found in the F-Secure blog.

Also warns of Web security specialist Scansafe before a Trojan on the official website of the starlets Paris Hilton. The malware requires visitors to their system to update page content to be displayed correctly to get. Whether the user then click OK or Cancel is clicked, the download of the Trojan starts and malicious software on the victim installed. The attackers are trying so, personal banking information from individuals to steal.

As part of the attack was a so-called iframe embedded in the site, then the address, the actual malware host calls. The same danger lurks on other websites, including, for example, In the previous week Scansafe discovered a similar security risk on, a frequently visited website of Major League Baseball.

"Internet users should be extremely cautious in its websites known personalities. Sites such as Paris Hilton are very attractive to criminals, the consequences can be serious for visitors, "said Mary Landesman, security analyst at Scansafe.

Can the "T-Mobile G1" defeat iPhone?

Google has his own cell phone presented: The smartphone "T-Mobile G1" is seen as a competitor to Apple's iPhone. Which device is better? Here the flash Comparison:

Google mobile T-Mobile G1

The display of the Google phones "T-Mobile G1 is slightly smaller than Apple's iPhone

• Height, weight: The "G1" (158 g) measures 117 x 55 x 16 mm. The iPhone (133 g) is almost the same size - 115 x 62 x 12 mm. Tie!

• Operation: The "G1" has a slightly smaller sensor than the iPhone screen (3.17 instead of 3.5 inch), but this "track ball" (ball control) and a suspensory keyboard. Advantage, "G1"!

• Programs: Much like preinstalled (including Youtube, Google Maps, e-mail access). Music download at the "G1" on Amazon, the iPhone on iTunes. Tie!

• Camera: 3.1 megapixels. Better than the iPhone (only 2 megapixels). Advantage, "G1"!

• Memory: 8 gigabytes. The iPhone, there's an extra charge as a 16-gigabyte version. Advantage of the iPhone!

• Operating system: The "G1" is the first device with Google's new software "Android". Users can choose from the "Android Market" download additional programs. As with the "App Store" for iPhone. Tie!

• Price: Not a comparison possible. T-Mobile (sells both the iPhone as well as "G1") has for the Google phone is no German price.

• Conclusion: Technically, almost on a par, the price will decide.

In the U.S., Google's mobile phone from 22 October in the trade. Price: 122 Euro converted (with 2-year contract)! After Germany, the "G1" in the 1st Quarter of 2009.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

BlackBerry shows its iPhone killer

What's the new BlackBerry can do?

* Touch screen: The entire high-resolution screen (480 x 360 pixels) can be like a mouse button "click". This is made possible by the spring stored on a touchscreen. The virtual keyboard can be easy to use, because you feel when you have a key.
* Filmed in portrait mode, the on-screen buttons as in previous BlackBerrys occupied with two letters. If the device is turned to the side, a full keyboard.
* Technology: In addition to the touchscreen, the "Storm" GPS navigation, HSDPA data transmission at up to 7.2 megabits per second, Bluetooth, MP3 and video player, 3.2-megapixel camera with flash and a battery with stamina -- six hours talktime.
* Price: "Storm" in Europe on Vodafone markets. Industry experts reckon as the iPhone with tiered tariff packages. Depending on the monthly fee, the BlackBerry from 20 to 200 euros.

Conclusion: The BlackBerry "Storm" is the first serious competitor to the iPhone. At a similar price (including contract) gets the buyer at the "Storm" with a touch screen, "click".

Chrome 2.0 is satisfactory but not revolutionary

Google, the developer's own version 2.0 browser Chrome released. This pre-beta version does not provide a revolutionary new features, most of the new features and changes are also available in other browsers.

Among the changes to this version includes an auto-complete function for webforms Autoscrolling by clicking the middle mouse button, and the possibility of multiple browser to create profiles. All this is also available in Firefox or Opera to find. Furthermore, the side with the zooming magnification of both text and images has been improved.

If a user drag and drop tabs from a chrome window, so now there are icons representing different display options allow. If the tab, for example, on the middle icon withdrawn, then this one side of screen, icons, however, provide lateral tower-like screens in addition is a spell checker has been added, with a right mouse button menu to switch between different languages or on and off the test.

Many of the new features in this release are from an updated version of the WebKit browser engine, which is the basis for Chrome represents. The engine delivers many of the new scripting capabilities and better support for standards. This erüllt the browser in the Acid3 test of the Web Standards Project not quite, but the results with the new version is satisfactory.

Chrome 2.0 offers a number of interesting possibilities, and when you start the browser with a special flag to be activated. Chrome launches around the user with "enable-user-script," says the program provides a basic form of user-scripting, similar to the popular Greasemonkey plugin for Firefox. The start with "force-https" brings with it a setup that only allows sites that use secure connections, in all, there are other errors.

A variety of new features intended to work from developers, improves performance and paves the way for a Linux and Mac release of the browser. Another change that to a common code base for the Windows version and the other two operating systems, is switching to http by WinHTTP. Versions for the free and the Apple operating system is one of the most pressing demands for the final version of Chrome.

Google offers the developer version is not for public download. If the beta yet to try, must have a Chrome installation and are using the Google tool Chrome channel changer when Developer Preview channel. Subsequently, the preliminary version via the browser update feature to download and install.

Asus shows its new S-Class

Small, lightweight, easy and cheap - these are Netbooks. Schick belonged yet to describe these mini-notebooks. Asus Netbook inventor has now changed with the new S101, had for "chic" but to "cheap" refrain.

The small computer costs 599 euros proud. There are but a super-fine, just a slim 25 millimeters and a kilogram lightweight housing that good in your hand and easily anywhere can be taken. Despite the small enclosure is the keyboard of the S101 pleasantly large, even for a full-size Return key was still space in the layout. The touchpad is just huge, with only the soft point of the "mouse" is not particularly well done.

Flash memory expandable

The display of the S101 is 10.2 inch tall, sharp displays 1024x600 pixels. About two control buttons, the brightness of the environment, but the screen is even in the darkest setting yet easily recognizable. The integrated 16-gigabyte flash memory large can have a smart card reader to be extended. This provides extra Asus a 16-gigabyte chip with large, so a total of 32 gigabytes of data, images, music, etc. are available. Particularly impressive: A super-flat and light lithium-polymer battery provides about five hours.

Conclusion: The S101 is not cheap but high-tech at its finest. If you have a super chic mini-notebook for surfing, email and MP3-/Video-Abspielen looks is thus served.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

This Netbook fits in any pocket

Netbooks are the offshoot of the mini-notebooks. The U.S. company Imovio shoot with his model iKit the bird. The smallest of the Netbook world is just as big as a pack of cigarettes.

The iKit proves that it is in size and price down, no limit exists. The mini-computer weighs just 113 grams and is 9.5 centimeters wide, 6.5 inches deep and 1.5 centimeters high. It offers the Netbook a relatively large screen with a resolution of 320 by 240 pixels and a full keyboard.

Because the keyboard, but only 9.5 centimeters wide and all the keys of a traditional offering, anger seems inevitable. Even with small fingers, the device is difficult to control.
That gets the buyer for affordable 130 euros a slimmed-down, but full-fledged computer with a 312-megahertz processor equipped. The cheap alternative to existing Netbooks is fully Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capability. As the Linux operating system is used. If the rather meager 64 megabytes of RAM are not enough, you can place the file storage via Micro SD card to up to eight gigabytes upgrade.

Netbook with a battery life of a mobile phone
The battery of iKits, according to manufacturer's specifications in stand-by to hold 250 hours. Who on the device permanently zocken want to be up to four hours to do so. In full operation, the battery up to three hours hold.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Internet at work distracting: eight hours working in less a week

One study estimated 900 billion dollars for the loss of efficiency of U.S. companies

Eight hours a week: the cost to productivity of individual workers over information to the Internet has condemned. The whole blame for e-mail, web browsing, RSS feeds, the instant messenger and all the data that arrive on the desks and computers for employees of companies, diverting their attention from the task they are doing and then taking a break of continuous work.

Translated into soldoni, the overload of information is the national Use something like 900 billion dollars every year. The estimated value of lost productivity caused by the Internet and its tools have been made by research firm Basex in collaboration with Intel, which have also developed a calculator, available online, able to generate an assessment of the cost According to data posted by users.

The instrument developed by Basex is actually very basic and takes into account a few basic criteria, such as the number of employees, the area where the company operates and the level of expertise of employees. Thus, for example, want to lose a little 'time, making the calculation for an advertising company with 12 employees, half of which will be highly qualified, you get an estimate of a loss ranging from 161 thousand to 226 thousand dollars annually.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

The PC you pay depending on how you use

Rates depend on the effective use of time and type of resources you want to have

A patent published by Microsoft could revolutionize the market by introducing a PC to use, with hourly rates proportional use.

The model used is based directly on the mobile telephone contracts that offers customized service packages to suit every type of user. Same way as mobile phones, PCs on a subscription can be sold at a low initial cost, which grows as the forms of additional resources, thus focusing on different needs. The patented computer from Microsoft can be taken together with the package for web browsing (80 cents per dollar), or applications for productivity in the office (at a cost of $ 1 for 1 hour of use), or to module for gamers (at $ 1.25 for 1 hour) that need more performance. At any time, you can change Pc, changing subscription and requesting one of the top end. The cost is so divided proportionally than the hardware and software required by the user.

Originally filed in 2007, the patent Microsoft has now been published by the U.S. Patent Office (USPTO), as the authoritative source told CNet Technology. Still far from its actual debut on the market, the computer was born to consumption as an alternative to answer below laptop aimed at developing countries. If you were to take place, could win the less experienced. Obviously this computer is not convenient for all in the same way: it is a privileged use and occasional batch of applications and also the user is found to have a computer only in part, because resources can be used only to subscribers.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Toyota aims on self solar

It will reload with panels placed on buildings. In a second time 'directly' from the sun

Toyota is developing a car powered exclusively to solar energy as a weapon in response to the crisis. It reveals the Japanese financial newspaper Nikkei, but specifies that it will take years before the vehicle can land on the market.

This would be an electric with batteries that recharge through solar panels placed on buildings. In a second stage, the company is to develop panels for direct self. In December, the Japanese carmaker announced its first operating loss in 70 years of history, the collapse of sales mainly in the U.S. market. The company, already active in green technology, using solar panels in its Tsutsumi plant which produces the Lexus and the Camry. I installed solar panels covering an area of 60 tennis courts and produce energy, according to Toyota, enough to cover the needs of 500 homes.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The hard disk is not only betrays you if you destroy it

Delete files from your computer is not enough to hide the private information.

The experts advise tecnolgica magazine "Which?", And Fausto Tonna knew well: the only way to permanently inaccessible data stored on a hard disk is to destroy it physically. Not by chance, in fact, the man key to crack Parmalat had seen choosing to take a martelli the computer that contained documents proving the famous forgery in the budget.

Although there are concerns to clean the hard drive of your computer before you throw it or sell it, what was contained in it can be recovered. And the computer criminals - interested in entering into possession of sensitive data, allowing for example to access online bank accounts and the like - I am obviously aware of and take advantage dell'ingenuità (if not the sprovvedutezza) who in one way or ' others are free of the old computer. In practice, these thieves are looking for laptop or desktop PC used or no longer functional (they are selling on eBay or simply abandoned next to bins dell'immondizia) and begin their work to recover data.

This is what did those "Which?", With its intent to demonstrate that if we want the old hard disk does not tell us anything it is always better to do it to pieces before you throw it aside. And what if we like to sell it worthwhile to have one of the many free software that promise to format the machine and cleaned up completely. The proof of the hi-tech experts involved 8 of second-hand laptop specially purchased on eBay, which has been recovered 22 thousand files in theory should no longer be traced. Part of these were represented by digital photos (more or less only), and other information contained on access to private accounts for social networking sites or online stores. In short, all things that probably any of us would prefer to remain private. So even if you do not have to hide experiments Finance creative but just like your privacy and do not want to fall victim to cunning computer experts motivated by anything but friendly intentions, munitevi and put the hammer silenced for ever the computer that you you want to liberate.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A guide to MP3 rescue some lost tourists

The light of an MP3 player saved some tourists lost an icy night trapped in snow mountains as Swiss authorities said on Saturday the rescue.

The two tourists - living in France - were lost on Friday night on the outskirts of the winter resort of Savognin, southeast of Switzerland, said Gery Baumann, spokesman for the rescue service Rega.

The two subjects were able to alert authorities using a mobile phone, but the device was later without battery, said Baumann.

-15 Degrees

"The two fans of winter sports were found by staff Rega helicopter shortly after midnight (Saturday), with the light on your MP3 player," he explained.

Both suffered only mild hypothermia, despite temperatures that dropped to -15 degrees Celsius.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Create a universal charger for MP3, PSP, PDA, mobile ...

A shipper will connect all the electronics such as mobile phones and MP3 connection without wires.
There will be no need to use a charger for each device.
The article works for magnetic induction and it is a novelty that will present the company Powermat a technology fair in Las Vegas (USA), the 2009 CES, which will begin next Monday.

But even that will connect the charger Powermat Wireless Charging to the grid, then place the gadget with its own adapter and nothing else.

Devices like personal computer, camera, PDA, the GPS navigator and even game consoles like the PSP can be recharged with the new instrument without the need to have the usual bunch of cables.

Friday, January 2, 2009

W233, the mobile phone made from recycled plastic bottles created by Motorola

The U.S. manufacturer Motorola has launched this week its first phone created with recycled plastic bottles, hoping to attract consumers' attention he concerned with environmental issues.

The company, which has fallen to fourth place in the list of manufacturers that sell more phones in the market, says that his Renew W233 model will be marketed in the U.S. by T-Mobile operates throughout this year's first quarter .

Renew W233 will be marketed by U.S. carrier T-Mobile
According to Motorola, is a mobile, in addition to using recycled materials in their plastic housing, is the first mobile "neutral" with respect to CO2 emissions.

The company has reached an agreement with to offset the emissions that take place in the manufacture, distribution and operation of the terminal, investing in research into renewable energy and reforestation.

In addition, the packaging of the terminal has reduced its size by 22%, all paper in the box is recycled, and it is included in an envelope sent to the manufacturer allows the mobile to be withdrawn earlier without charge.

Besides the W233, Motorola introduced this week in the consumer electronics show in Las Vegas the A3100, a tactile device that allows access to high-speed mobile networks and WiFi access points.

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