Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Konami Metal Gear Solid developed for the iPhone

Download in two parts on the App Store

Under the name Metal Gear Solid Touch plan the game developer Konami to a version of the popular Playstation game for the iPhone. The act aims to Metal Gear Solid 4 ajar, however, significantly shorter. The game is in two parts on the App Store available for download. Purposefully, the iPhone version by fingers on the touchscreen.

The game

Metal Gear Solid is a series of games for the Playstation, so far there are four parts of the stealth-shooter appeared. In the role of the protagonist "Snake" has the player move through different levels, taking into account both tactically wise as well as unerringly to his virtual life fighting.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Yellowsnow: Unlock for iPhone 3G available

Initial positive and negative experiences reported

The "iPhone Dev Team" with a bang into the new year started and has promised a software such as presented to the Sim-lock the iPhone 3G aushebelt. The program is called "Yellowsnow" and works according to the developers only on hacked iPhones with the latest firmware 2.2.

Different experiences

Very roughly, the software seems to unlock yet. Readers of various technology blogs in the U.S. have reported different experiences: During the unlock some users seem to function well, others complain that the software is not functioned.
Possible loss of warranty

iPhone customers, which makes the use of "Yellowsnow" into consideration, should note that Apple hacked and unlocked iPhones no warranty and accepts the changes to the system is done at your own risk.

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