Friday, December 26, 2008

You can download and test Windows 7

Microsoft on Wednesday announced the launch of the trial version of the operating system Windows 7, to replace the current view, which is available online from this Friday, reported the CEO of the company, Steve Ballmer.

"Windows 7 is the best of all Windows," Ballmer said in the speech that served as the opening ceremony of the fair International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) being held until Sunday 11 in Las Vegas, USA

Ballmer, who became the head of Microsoft, after the departure of Bill Gates, opted for connectivity devices like TV, computer and phone via the Internet, using the new operating system company.

The Windows version 7 in its "beta" test became available for a number of software developers and is available to all users of Microsoft for free on January 9 next through the website of the company.

As shown in the presentation, the new Windows will be more intuitive, will move between different screens more quickly to save time on routine tasks at the time of entering and exiting different menus.

Another novelty is a more simple to set up networks and connect various devices.

It is about creating a world without barriers
"This is creating a world without walls," Ballmer said in reference to the possibility that Windows 7 will offer access to the same information from a user, from different devices.

Along with Windows 7, Ballmer unveiled the redesigned Windows Live, software that lets you share content and communicate with users of the Microsoft operating system known for its popular tools such as Messenger for chat messages short.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Palm wants to resurrect a rival for the iPhone and a new operating system

Years ago that Palm is not leading the market for smart phones and personal digital diaries, but the company expects to recover their positions with two new bets. A new operating system, Palm OS Web and phone, which has been developing since 2007 and is called Pre.

The presentation of the two products, which took place at the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) in Las Vegas, has been well received by industry analysts and the stock market. The company's shares rose yesterday after the event at the CES a 34.85%.

This is a phone equipped with the latest generation of WiFi connectivity and a full keyboard that is hidden when you glide from the carcass of the terminal. It is intended to compete with mobile devices such as BlackBerry, Apple iPhone or Nokia N96.

Currently, Palm is the third largest manufacturer of smart phones and smartphones in the U.S. market, behind RIM and Apple. Pre-sold exclusively with operator Sprint in the market during the first quarter of 2009.

According to Palm, the new OS platform mobile Web is "the first to be built from scratch to combine standard technology, innovation and integration." At its core, webOS includes several standard Web technologies like CSS, HTML and JavaScript. Besides Palm has included progress to improve the user experience and provide a deeper integration of all elements in the platform.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Polaroid back to load ... digital

Polaroid failed to market the films last year that allowed users to print their cameras to get a snapshot of just taking it. But has left to fans of immediacy, and the consumer electronics show in Las Vegas, the ESC has made a camera that prints photographs, taken together in this digital format.

According to the website of Wired magazine, Polaroid has finally submitted his camera at CES PoGo. Will cost $ 200 and includes a color printer capable of getting the paper in one minute the camera that captures images. Impressions are made in a two by three inches.

The photographs are printed layers, and if one of them withdrew from the back, was uncovered a sticky paste that allows images anywhere. In addition, there are no major differences with other digital cameras on the market. Have an LCD where you can watch what you are going to portray or navigate the menus to choose whether you want to print or not.

The paper sold packages. One of 10 units costing five dollars, 13 and 30 to print a photo. Expensive when compared with the paper to print on traditional printers, but three times more for less of the cost of the old Polaroid film.

This camera is the successor to the portable Polaroid printer launched in the market last summer, and had been designed to connect to mobile phones and digital cameras. The device will not be available for purchase in stores until the end of next March or early April 2009.

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