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TOP 10 Paid To Read Sites!!

As we all know, there are several ways to make money really quickly on the internet.
Paid to read sites are the quickest way to make money online. There are many of these sites,
I am giving you a few of the best sites I am using. Let me give you some helpful tips before you go and start earning some cash.

How to Maximize Your Profits With PTR Sites
1. You login to the websites you register with and read emails on their site and then move on to the next paid email to get credit.
They will credit your account with cash. Want quick credit to your account? Use e-gold!
NOTE: Every site's payout amount is different.
2. Some of the the companies also offer incentives such as free gift cards for gas, rebates and additional gifts. So take advantage of the deals you can really use. You'll get both cash and a gift.
3. Read all the terms of service for each offer. You want to get free services and cash.
You don't want to get stuck with a membership that you may not want.
4. Sign up for a separate free email account from yahoo, gmail or hotmail when registering with these sites, to keep your personal emails separate from the messages that you receive from these sites.
5. STAY AWAY from sites that claim to pay high rate per email/click or those that have a high minimum payout, for example $50 or 100s or even 1000s of dollars.
You would never reach that high payout amount and would end up spending your time for nothing.
Some sites will ask for money before you can earn for paid emails, be very careful with those sites, mostly do not pay.
Here we will try to get you the best paying verified sites.
6. Remember, the amount you earn depends on how hard you work and how much time you spend.
7. It will take a little time to understand how PTR sites work and how you can benefit and earn, but you will get there.
Sign up and browse these sites to identify which ads you need to click and which ones to read to earn.
There are some Ads/emails which give you points only and others earn you cash.

Almost all Get paid to read and some Get paid to post sites accept e-gold to pay you.
You can open an e-gold account which is a global payment processor without any national currency boundary.

Here are some of the best programs. Why do I think so?
They credit your account almost instantly after you request a payment and they use e-gold!

Donkeymails No Minimum Payout










These are the most profitable PTR sites so far (for me). They will send you many emails.
You also could make money by signing up for free trials and offers.
Their best feature is that they use e-gold and paypal to disperse payments.

Friday, April 27, 2007

Desire, Fuel for success: How to Keep it Alive and Burning Strong

By: Jimmy Roos

What is it that makes one man go where others don't
dare tread? And that keeps him going even when the
odds seem so insurmountable? When others around him
expect the worst, and obstacle upon obstacle, cause
him to wonder if perhaps, just perhaps, everybody
might be right and he may be crazy?

That my friend is what is called DESIRE! Desire is
one of the strongest emotions, and one of the greatest
forces man has ever known. When harnessed properly it
will give you everything you have ever wanted! Desire
is the Fuel for success.

Just as a car or any other automobile needs fuel to
keep going, a man's desire is what drives him and will
ultimately determine if he will hold that prize at the
end of the race.

The thing that determines why the one person Does and
the other Doesn't is not physical ability or the lack
thereof, but desire and or the absence thereof.

It is said where there is a will there is a way, but
what isn't said is that the will doesn't exist by
itself and of itself. It is fuelled by desire. If you
have lost your desire for whatever it is you want,
you have Lost the Race.

Desire doesn't reason or justify. All it wants is
satisfaction. It is not concerned with how you
bring it about.

Desire, like most things is not something you are
born with. It is a force and power which can be
induced through the senses such as sight, hearing
and smell. Let me give you an example.

When you see a beautiful woman or man, it does
something to you. It triggers a power or force that
will either die a natural death, or will become a
raging fire.

That depends on what you do with it from that point
onwards. Now, I used the example of being attracted
to either a men or women, but desire is not limited
to that. You can desire a big house, a car or desire
to travel the world.

However this will not mean much, until you crystalliz
this desire into something tangible, something you
can see, hear, smell or touch.

So, to induce desire for whatever it is you want, you
have to introduce the object of your desire, to your
senses. The more you see something, the stronger your
desire for that thing will become.

Lets take the example of a beautiful woman or man
again. If he or she has made enough of an impression
on you, you would want to see that person again, right?
But if you leave it to chance you may or may not see
him or her again. In the event you don't, the feelings
will likely die a natural death.

But lets say, you see that person again and again,
what do you think will happen? That's right! The
feelings you have will become stronger.

So what you need to do is to introduce the object of
your desire to your senses, not once or twice but
again and again and again.

If you can, physically touch and smell and experience
the object of your desire. If you desire wealth, go to
the places that are symbols of wealth and get the
feeling of wealth.

This can be places like expensive restaurants or five-
star hotels. If you can afford it, book a room or a
suite, even if it's just for one night.

If you don't have a lot of cash just go there and
book a table. Order a cup of coffee or something else
which isn't too expensive. I'm sure you get the

Do this over and over and you'll find that your desire
gets stronger and stronger.

You can apply this to anything and you will find
that your desire burns stronger than ever.

If you know someone who is wealthy, approach the
person and offer to assist with anything, free of
charge. Most people will appreciate this gesture.
Some might even take you along to places they go
and may even introduce you to their circle of

Alternatively go to a Dealership that sells expensive
cars and just sit in one of the cars in the show room.
Experience the feeling of wealth. Touch the expensive
leather and wood, smell it. You can do this as often
as you like. The more you do it the higher your desire
will be. Do all this in addition to your other efforts
to accomplish your goal.

If you cannot physically go to the places I've
mentioned, you can get these places and objects
to come to you.

Looking at pictures is another good way to increase
your desire and it doesn't cost you anything, other
than a little effort.

You see, your subconscious mind doesn't know the
difference between a real and imagined experience.
It will accept whatever is imprinted upon it, and
will start attracting that condition in terms of
the people and circumstances that you need to
satisfy Your Desire!

There are thousands of magazines that have pictures
of the object you desire. Here's what I have done
and what you can do too.

Cut out some pictures that vividly depict the thing
you want and paste it all over your room or office.
Position some of the pictures in such a way that it
is the first thing you see when you wake up or come
into that room, and the last thing you see when you
leave or fall asleep.

Here is a final thought. Desire alone will not
accomplish your your goals for you, it is just
the Fuel. Imagine a car with fuel but no engine.

Or a car that has fuel and an engine but no wheels.
It won't go anywhere. The same goes for someone who
only has desire.

This by the way describes about 90% of all the people
in the world, who only desire things but are not
prepared to do what it takes to get what they want.

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3 Tips for How To Make More Money Easily

Copyright by Alan Soo

If you're reading this article, it means you are a person who wants to make more money in life. Who doesn't? Money is not everything in life, but it sure helps to decrease problems if it is used correctly. Some people think that they don't deserve to make more money in life. But you are different. You put effort in to change your life for a wealthier lifestyle. If I say to you that it's easy to make money instantly, that would be a lie right? It's not easy to make money immediately, but it's worth the effort to put in to ensure that you will have more money to spend in future.

Contradictory to that, it's easy to make money when you know the correct tools and strategies to apply for achieving it. You may not be able to make more money instantly, but you can definitely make more money over a certain period of time with the proven strategies that I've used over and over again. Here's the secrets of making more money easily.


Here's the one important secret of making more money easily - use other people's time, skill, talent, network or money.

Don't waste your time trying to figure out a solution if someone else already has the key to solve the problem.

The rich call this LEVERAGING.

The tip here is to understand and learn how to use leverage so that it creates a win/win situation for everyone.

Most of the rich people use this secret in their life to make more money. One of the best example of leverage is in the franchising business. Imagine, Ray Kroc the owner of McDonald's franchise business. He don't has to 'work' because he has hundreds (or thousands!) of franchised McDonald's restaurant across the globe that is paying him franchise fees annually.

Another example is I use the internet as leverage for getting my product to sell to a mass market overseas.

In short, If you don't leverage, you'll be trading your time for money. This way, you'll be worn out fast and your output is equivalent to your input. That's not really impressive if you want to make more money easily

2. Be An OUTSTANDING Communicator TO BE RICH

Employers will judge your promo-tion based on work performance. But if you have great competition among your colleagues for a promotion, they will normally pick the one who has outstanding communication skill. Even though if you have your own business (as a boss), you'll still need to have powerful communication skill to bring in lots of business. Or, negotiate excellent deal for yourself.

3. Get Rid of Limiting Beliefs

One of the reason that is stopping you from attracting more money to your life is YOUR LIMITING BELIEF, whether you realize it or not.

What does "limiting beliefs" means?

Basically, you may have a "mental block", a thought that tells you that you cannot do or achieve your desired results. You cannot take action because of some reasons you might have in your mind that you're not even aware of.

The reasons could be that you "believe" you are too old, young, poor, fat, ugly, uneducated or whatever.

But how can you have a mental block to do something when you haven't even tried it yet!!!?? How would you know you cannot achieve it!!!?? How would you know that you cannot be a million.aire one day? Who limits your beliefs?

Limiting beliefs are governed by 2 main influences, the environment surrounding you and the people you associate with everyday.

Your belief system is built up by the environment you live in and the influence of the people with whom you associate every day. For example, your parents might have their own beliefs about money that have been passed down to you.

Beliefs such as, "save your money for a rainy day", "money doesn't grow on trees", "money is the root of all evil" and so on might have influenced your thinking about your relationship with money today without you even realizing it.

Most barely do anything to improve their financial situation now. Some did, but most of them just think of getting wealthy and did not take any action to achieve it. Assuming you are doing the right things to be wealthy --- Will you be able to make more money this year? Imagine WHAT you can buy with this 'new' money. I don't know what you want to buy. A new car or washing machine. Or maybe a vacation in Hawaii. How about a fine dinning with someone you love in a romantic and fancy restaurant? It doesn't matter. What's important is, with more money, I have a good feeling that you'll be able to enjoy your life more than what you have right now. With money, you'll have more time for yourself and your love ones instead of using that time to work hard for it.

Alan Soo, webmaster of

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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Gold from Goals by Shannon Herod

Copyright 2004 by Shannon Herod

Goals are the cornerstone of any business venture and should be incorporated with your daily work routine. The reason for goal setting is to have a clear and defined path to your success and without them you are on a path to failure.

I have goals! I want to make money online you might say… but how. I will show you how to set a goal and put together a game plan to accomplish that goal.

I have put together a road map on setting goals that will propel you to success if done properly. A bold statement… I know… now lets begin.

A goal should be a clear and concise statement put in the present tense and can be measured. I want to make money online is not good enough. How much money, by what date, how will you make that money, all questions that need to be answered in your goal. I will make $1000.00 with my website within 30 days! That is a clear and concise statement put in the present tense and can be measured. This goal should be the product of all your shot term goals and you should be passionate about it. If you are not passionate about your goal you need to reevaluate what is important to you.

Now that you have a goal that is clear and concise statement put in the present tense, can be measured and you are passionate about it you need to write it down every morning when you wake up. Next make a to-do list of everything you need to do that day to bring you closer to accomplishing your goal. This may sound petty but it is an essential step in hitting your goals, it keeps you focused and on the road to success. Writing your goal down gives you a visual of what you will accomplish and should be carried with you every where you go.

Visualize your goal 3 times a day. I suggest first thing in the morning, at lunch time, and when you lie down to go to bed. What do you mean visualize? I mean shut your eyes and see yourself with your goal. What are you wearing, where are you standing, who is with you, how does it feel. Do you get my point? I imagine myself getting out of a Dodge Viper wearing a three piece suit in front of my 4,000 square foot house with my wife standing in the door to greet me. We walk inside and I feel proud because my wife loves our house so much. Visualization gives you ownership of your goal and you will hold yourself accountable. Visualization is a strong tool because it will drive your wants into your subconscious mind where you make 80% of your decisions.

Now you are ready to commit to your goal. By this I mean tell any one that will listen to you what you are going to accomplish. Stand outside and shout it in the air, write it in the sand at the beach, put a big sign on that says I am a Goal Setter and a Goal Hitter. Don’t be scared of what other people think of you, people love to pull other people down to their level. Make your goal known and strive daily to move closer and closer to achieving great success.

"I am not judged by the number of times I fail but by the number of times I succeed and the number of times I succeed is in direct proportion to the number of times I can fail and keep trying"-unknown author

Strive to set goals and hit goals. You are the captain on your vessel to financial freedom, where you take it is up to you. Use your goals as a compass and you will always be heading in the right direction.

= = = = = = = = = = =
Shannon Herod is publisher and editor of Home Business Tips and motivational newsletter: Puts new life in your on-line success journey.
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4 Things You Must Do To Be Successful by Curt Lee

Our mind works in 2 modes, the Conscious and Subconscious mode. Our subconscious mind is much more powerful than our conscious minds. It influences the conscious mind, how we think and our belief. If the subconscious mind is positive, it will influence the conscious mind to be positive and vice versa. Like an Iceberg, our conscious mind is the tip of the iceberg, which our subconscious mind is the huge base underneath the water. It is many times larger and stronger than the conscious mind.

Our mind is the source of all actions that we take. Imagine if you have a subconscious mind that is dominated by negative thoughts, you behavior will tend to be negative and actions taken by you will tend to gear towards, avoiding a negative consequence. Instead of creating and expanding, a negative subconscious mind will limit your ability to see beyond the current situation and limit your course of actions and hence the results. Usually people who are negative, when their action did not provide the result or met a temporary setback, they will tend to give up easily.

In the other hand for with a positive subconscious mind, one will have the ability to tap on his creativity and achieve better results. The course of actions taken is gearing towards creating and expanding, not for avoiding. People with positive mindset will view any setback as a temporary inconvenience. They will be more persistent in overcoming any obstacle.

In order to be successful, to be a Winner in everything that we do, we have to “program” our subconscious mind to be positive.

The 4 things that you must do to be successful:

1. Read books and articles of successful people. Learn to think like them. The more you read on such subject, the more positive information you subconscious mind will receive and register. Listening to audio contents or watching videos are also good way to program your subconscious mind

2. Read technical subject that are related to your field of trade. If you are in business, read about other successful businesses within or outside your trade. Use them as case studies, and through more in-depth analysis of the businesses, it will help enhance your creativity.

3. Force your mind to think positive when you feel negative. One way is to keep a “Mind Balance Sheet”. For example when you are in a situation that lead you to feel negative, write down in points form the negative things that you are experiencing. Then for every negative point, force yourself to write down a positive point. By going through this exercise, it will help to bring your subconscious mind back to positive thinking. You will be surprise, your creativity will start to kick in and help you to resolve the negative situation.

4. Safe guard your subconscious mind, as though it is your Gold Mine. In fact it is your Gold Mine. Stay away from people that are negative. Those people who tend to complain and whine are going to infect your mind. They are like the Computer Virus that is going to damage your subconscious mind. Only mix with people that are positive.

Robert G Allen, New York Times Bestseller Author and Investor, mentioned in one of his e-Book – The Road To Wealth, the 11 Wealth Secrets. The first Wealth Secret mentioned that,” You rarely have a money problem. You have an attitude problem. Those who are go-getter with the right attitude cannot be denied.” This shows how important having a right mindset is.

You can get the summary of Robert G Allen’s 11 Wealth Secret from the below URL:

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