Monday, April 23, 2007

4 Things You Must Do To Be Successful by Curt Lee

Our mind works in 2 modes, the Conscious and Subconscious mode. Our subconscious mind is much more powerful than our conscious minds. It influences the conscious mind, how we think and our belief. If the subconscious mind is positive, it will influence the conscious mind to be positive and vice versa. Like an Iceberg, our conscious mind is the tip of the iceberg, which our subconscious mind is the huge base underneath the water. It is many times larger and stronger than the conscious mind.

Our mind is the source of all actions that we take. Imagine if you have a subconscious mind that is dominated by negative thoughts, you behavior will tend to be negative and actions taken by you will tend to gear towards, avoiding a negative consequence. Instead of creating and expanding, a negative subconscious mind will limit your ability to see beyond the current situation and limit your course of actions and hence the results. Usually people who are negative, when their action did not provide the result or met a temporary setback, they will tend to give up easily.

In the other hand for with a positive subconscious mind, one will have the ability to tap on his creativity and achieve better results. The course of actions taken is gearing towards creating and expanding, not for avoiding. People with positive mindset will view any setback as a temporary inconvenience. They will be more persistent in overcoming any obstacle.

In order to be successful, to be a Winner in everything that we do, we have to “program” our subconscious mind to be positive.

The 4 things that you must do to be successful:

1. Read books and articles of successful people. Learn to think like them. The more you read on such subject, the more positive information you subconscious mind will receive and register. Listening to audio contents or watching videos are also good way to program your subconscious mind

2. Read technical subject that are related to your field of trade. If you are in business, read about other successful businesses within or outside your trade. Use them as case studies, and through more in-depth analysis of the businesses, it will help enhance your creativity.

3. Force your mind to think positive when you feel negative. One way is to keep a “Mind Balance Sheet”. For example when you are in a situation that lead you to feel negative, write down in points form the negative things that you are experiencing. Then for every negative point, force yourself to write down a positive point. By going through this exercise, it will help to bring your subconscious mind back to positive thinking. You will be surprise, your creativity will start to kick in and help you to resolve the negative situation.

4. Safe guard your subconscious mind, as though it is your Gold Mine. In fact it is your Gold Mine. Stay away from people that are negative. Those people who tend to complain and whine are going to infect your mind. They are like the Computer Virus that is going to damage your subconscious mind. Only mix with people that are positive.

Robert G Allen, New York Times Bestseller Author and Investor, mentioned in one of his e-Book – The Road To Wealth, the 11 Wealth Secrets. The first Wealth Secret mentioned that,” You rarely have a money problem. You have an attitude problem. Those who are go-getter with the right attitude cannot be denied.” This shows how important having a right mindset is.

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