Saturday, January 17, 2009

Comfortable remote access to Windows, Citrix, Linux, Unix and Mac OS X

Visionapp, the specialist for the management of Citrix server farms, brings the beginning of February to the multi-protocol support and new database features enhanced version in 2009 remote tools Visionapp Remote Desktop (VRD) on the market. Rata Penuh
Also features of last autumn over open-source competitor Mremote Eschborner developers have already integrated the new version. Visionapps tool for remote access to computer systems has been the use RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) and therefore dependent on Windows-based computer. The new 2009 version, however, now supports the connection protocols Citrix ICA, VNC, SSH, Telnet, and HTTP/S.

Thus is the perfect tool - the manufacturer already 10.000 administrators in the full version and 120,000 users in the freeware version use - even for the remote management of Citrix, Linux, Unix and Macintosh systems. The working with VRD necessary components (RDP, ICA, VNC, SSH, Telnet) with the new version will automatically abgeprüft.

More information:

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The winding road to Desktopia

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Self-Help Portal solution with integrated remote

In the mode of database administrators can VRD simultaneously with the same objects, supported by a detailed authorization concept.

Included is the logging of accesses to VRD 2009, made the changes and errors. In addition, the tool now dominates the so-called "smart sizing": The entire desktop of the computer without the scroll bars, even if the window is enlarged or reduced. A session can be interrupted by clicking restore.

A detailed overview function, including a comparison with the previous versions 1.5 and VRD VRD 2008 will be held here.

Visionapp offers VRD for users in medium and large companies as a full, for smaller environments and home users as freeware. The tool can be used without registration of the visionapp Web site and downloaded for 30 days tested. Unlike the full version are in the freeware version a maximum of three simultaneous open connections, and a maximum of 15 possible connection configurations exportable. Also, the database function for cooperation in the team missing in the freeware.

The prices for the VRD-Individual licenses start at 63 euros per administrator. The company previously offered license, there is now a country license from Euro 1490, or as a global license from Euro 2390.


Benzin said...

You could also take a look at RHUB, Remote Access. It supports multiple platforms (PC, Mac, Linux, Unix, iPhone). You get complete control of the remote system. It is easy to install, convenient to use, and is highly secure.

Anonymous said...

Can anyone recommend the best Remote Desktop tool for a small IT service company like mine? Does anyone use or How do they compare to these guys I found recently: [url=] N-able N-central change management
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article submission services said...

I use CITRIX to log on to the Microsoft-based servers, VAX, and IBM mainframe for my work via our CITRIX-enabeled access site; in conjunction with a locally-installed ICA access client (PC or MAC). We use an RSA token in addition to our username and password. I hope the iPad client will support that configuration as well!

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mensjeans said...

I use CITRIX to log on to the Microsoft-based servers, VAX, and IBM mainframe for my work via our CITRIX-enabeled access site; in conjunction with a locally-installed ICA access client (PC or MAC). We use an RSA token in addition to our username and password. I hope the iPad client will support that configuration as well!

Juicy Couture Outlet Online said...

Visionapp offers VRD for users in medium and large companies as a full, for smaller environments and home users as freeware. The tool can be used without registration of the visionapp Web site and downloaded for 30 days tested.

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Remote access wizards Citrix have announced that they're getting ready to ... to their bigger Windows 7 boxes (and hopefully Linux and others as well.) ... Still, if they are working on a Mac OSX version

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visionapp Remote Desktop (vRD) is a tool which allows the management of RDP connections to servers.

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You could also give it a shortcut keystroke such CTRL+ALT+L. This would save you only one keystroke from the normal command, but it could be more convenient.

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