Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Promoting Your Website - Part 2

Before took a step further, it is better if you know the basic of search engine, how did they work, and what’s the difference between search engine and the Directory.

Search Engine vs. Directory

Search engine was a site that had big database that was designed to indexing internet addresses. Information that could be read could take the form of the text, the picture, the voice, or the video. To carry out his task, search engine had the special program that usually is mentioned spider, boots, or crawler. When you registered an address web (URL), spider from search engine received and analyzed this URL. With the certain process and procedure, this spider will break whether website that was registered by you was accepted or not. If appropriate, spider will add the URL address and read all the contents or content available.

Ranking was appointed with the specified with certain method as according to each standard of search engines. So generally all search engines had the program that was acknowledged as Spider.

And this program actual decisive whether your website could be received or not.

The example of some famous search engines was: Google, Yahoo, Altavista, All The Web, and MSN Search. At this time Altavista and AllTheWeb were bought by Yahoo, so as they could be said one group and used the sane database. Therefore only had 3 big players who must be given special attention, which is Google, MSN Search, and Yahoo.

Search Engine was different from Directory that indexing the web page manually. Such manual is they use people to analyze each web page that entered. They did not use spider or crawler as in the case of search engine. The superiority of the Directory compared to search engine was could give website listing with quality.

But because all the processes were carried out manually used the human editor, the number database that is had usually far smaller compared with search engine. The position from a directory at this time nearby besides listing that could be seen per the category was to support the relevance produced by the search of search engine. Therefore one web’s ranking in search engine was also influenced by this website listing at several main directories. The example of several very influential big directories at this time was Yahoo Directory, Open Directory, and Looksmart.

OK, now you have known the difference between search engine and the directory. The further part tutorial will explain how to maximized your web page (from the aspect of HTML), before being registered to search engine.

It will be very good if you had beforehand understood or studied the HTML language, because that will be discussed in this tutorial often be connected with technical the writing of HTML. For you that nowhere near had studied HTML, I suggested to read HTML tutorial before. Might not in a manner details, the foundations was just enough. At least you must understand the structure from a HTML document, and could understand HTML codes from your website.


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Ranking was appointed with the specified with certain method as according to each standard of search engines. So generally all search engines had the program that was acknowledged as Spider.

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